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SOLD Benten PMC #5

Benten - Benzautin - Benzai Ten

Goddess of love, the arts, wisdom, poetry, good fortune and water. Originally a sea deity, she became the patroness of the rich and the arts. She is seen as a beautiful woman riding a dragon. In her eight hands she holds a sword, a jewel, a bow, an arrow, a wheel and a key. Her other two arms are folded in prayer. She is generous and kind, and is known for being sympathetic to men who are being chased by dragons. PMC # 5

Lovingly hand crafted pendant from PMC

(Precious Metal Clay) 99.9% pure silver.

25” adjustable necklace of rolled leather.

Developed by Mitsubishi Corporation from the silver reclaimed from developing photography and x ray film, the fine silver residue is combined with a binder which burns off when the PMC is fired. The resulting product is 99.9% pure silver.