Nine Lives Studio - Ellen Miffitt
Sumi-e, Collage, Mixed Media, Watercolor Pencil, PMC Jewelry, Block Prints and Art Instruction

Houki Boshi - the "Brush Daub" PMC #1

Houki Boshi - the "Brush Daub".

Today many people connect the Pleiades as a place linked to ancient wisdom. In Japanese legends the constellation was called Houki Boshi (pronounced 'hoe-key' 'boh-she) “dabs of paint on the sky” literally, the "brush star" or "brush stars" or Subaru. The seven sister stars seem to inspire people to be: creative - intuitive- artistic - poetic. PMC # 1

Lovingly hand crafted pendant from PMC

(Precious Metal Clay) 99.9% pure silver.

25” adjustable necklace of rolled leather.

Developed by Mitsubishi Corporation from the silver reclaimed from developing photography and x ray film, the fine silver residue is combined with a binder which burns off when the PMC is fired. The resulting product is 99.9% pure silver.