Nine Lives Studio - Ellen Miffitt
Sumi-e, Collage, Mixed Media, Watercolor Pencil, PMC Jewelry, Block Prints and Art Instruction

Art Instruction

Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation –  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501   Call 360.753.8380


 Etching Glass

Ages: 16 and up

Glass etching is a craft that was previously available only to professionals and skilled artisans, but it is now accessible to the general crafter, thanks to the formulation of etching cream. A relative newcomer to the craft world, etching cream is a fast and inexpensive way to create elegant designs on glass. And with just a little know-how and the right supplies, you can make  beautiful, personalized etched glass pieces that are perfect for gift giving and home decorating. Supply list will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa Mar 23 9 AM-1 PM $45 #6566


Selling Art on “Print on Demand” Sites

Ages: 16 and up

Print on Demand companies, like Fine Art America, Zazzle, RedBubble, Cafepress, etc. are flourishing. Typically, you create a shop front and choose what types of items to display your work on. No physical products are created until they sell. Products include prints, t-shirts, mugs, and home décor. Spend an evening learning the pros, cons & risks of selling your art through a Print on Demand shop.Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

M Apr 1 6-8 PM $19 #6567


Unconventional Painting

Ages: 16 and up

Break loose, play, and dare to be spontaneous with unconventional materials! Use wire mesh, wood, glass beads, acrylic gel, oil pastels, and other material you have saved. Experiment with dribbling, smearing, and spattering to enhance your creative toolbox and work more freely. Attention to composition, use of space, and concept will also be explored. Participants provide their own acrylic paint, brushes, and substrate (canvas board, stretched canvas, or other substrate). Please see required supply list upon registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

W Apr 3-17 6-8 PM $49 #6568


Recharge Your Art

Ages: 16 and up

Design is the basis for all other art courses and it includes the elements and principles of art. The material will be presented through hands-on studio problems in two dimensions. These will cover line, shape, texture, value and color. In addition, the topics of balance, unity repetition and other principles will be introduced through simple projects. These exercises will provide you with the tools to create compositions in any medium. Please bring pencil, eraser, and pad of mixed media paper (11”x14”) to first class. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Th Apr 4-25 6-8 PM $69 #6569


Watercolor Experiments

Ages: 16 and up

Participants will experiment with wax paper, plastic wrap and more to enhance textures for their watercolor repertoire. Increase skills and have fun experimenting. Participants provide their own materials. Supply list available online and will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa Apr 13 9 AM-1 PM $35 #6570


Mixed Media Monotype

Ages: 16 and up

Enhance monotypes by incorporating hand stamped elements, decorative papers and various other collage elements into your prints to create beautiful texture and depth. By printing onto lightweight papers, you will layer imagery onto substrate/base paper. No need to have had previous printmaking experience to enjoy exploring a combination of monotype and mixed media elements. All supplies included in class fee. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa Apr 20 9 AM-1 PM $39 #6571