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Art Instruction

Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation –  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501   Call 360.753.8380

Holiday Block Print Cards

Ages: 16 and up

Learn techniques for the relief printmaking process using the flexibility and ease of a linoleum type material (soft Kut). Block printing is a simple technique of carving into the surface using special tools to make a relief design that is then inked and printed for cards. This process is an excellent way of producing simple line designs. Instructor will provide many sample designs or students can create their own designs for holiday cards. All supplies provided. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa      Oct 27      9 AM-1 PM          $35       #6288

Alcohol Ink Tiles

Ages: 16 and up

Making alcohol ink tiles is so much fun because each

tile is unique. This project is laced with serendipity as you watch the creation unfold before your eyes. The finished tiles may be used as coasters, balanced on small easels, or you can frame them. All supplies provided. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

M       Nov 5       6-8 PM                $29       #6301

Pen, Brush & Ink Drawing

Ages: 16 and up

In this class you'll learn to use dip pens, brush pens, inking brushes, felt tip pens and calligraphy pens to create high-contrast images. You'll learn how to do feathering, hatching, cross-hatching, and more. Supply list available online and will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Tu  Nov 6-27  6-8 PM   $45            #6299

Art Journaling

Ages: 16 and up

Art journaling is a safe space to play and practice the kind of art YOU want to make, and to experiment with using art supplies in new ways. An art journal is the ultimate place to turn the page for a fresh start. Please see required supply list upon registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

W       Nov 7-14   6-8 PM                $29       #6302

Think Big and Paint Small

Ages: 16 and up

Miniature painting has its roots in illuminated manuscripts. The word "miniature" originally came from a Latin term for the red pigment that was used in their creation. The decoration and illustration was necessarily small and these techniques influenced the creation of small, detailed artworks outside of manuscripts, and the name miniature stuck. Choose to paint a landscape or a still life with acrylics. Supply list available at registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Th      Nov 8-15   6-8 PM                $25       #6303

Etching Glass

Ages: 16 and up

Glass etching is a craft that was previously available only to professionals and skilled artisans, but it is now accessible to the general crafter, thanks to the formulation of etching cream. A relative newcomer to the craft world, etching cream is a fast and inexpensive way to create elegant designs on glass. And with just a little know-how and the right supplies, you can make beautiful, personalized etched glass pieces that are perfect for gift giving and home decorating. Supply list will print on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa      Nov 10      9-1 PM                $39       #6289

Advent Calendar

Ages: 16 and up

Count down the days until Christmas with little paper envelopes, sized to hold all sorts of surprises: candy, tickets, tiny toys. Use rubber stamps or stencils or calligraphy to add the dates, and other motifs on the envelopes. Participants will embellish the envelopes by adding string, ribbons, mini collage or cut outs. Then once home, simply pin the envelopes on a pretty cork-board. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa      Nov 17      9-1 PM                $29       #6293

Recycled Art (Collage)

Ages: 16 and up

In this class, you will create a series of collages using a variety of materials - this is recycled art at its best. You will learn basic collage techniques, with an emphasis on fun - collage is a spontaneous art! Please see required supply list upon registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

M     Nov 19-Dec 10      6-8 PM                 $49        #6304

Zen Ink Holiday Cards

Ages: 16 and up

Using design principles and elements, you will create unique patterns and textures to decorate your holiday cards. Drawings can be black and white or you can add a little color to some or all of your designs. You'll be surprised at the results! Please bring a Sakura three or six Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black. Instructor will provide 4x6 card stock that can be mounted to your own purchased 5x7 note cards. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa      Dec 1        9-1 PM                $25       #6290

Start with a Shape

Ages: 16 and up

This class provides a unique combination of expertise and a friendly, accessible approach to expressing yourself creatively. Introducing a variety of materials and art techniques, you will gain the perfect balance of increased technical skill and confidence, mixed with exploration and experimentation. Please see required supply list upon registration. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Tu      Dec 4-11   6-8 PM                $35       #6300

Introduction to Mandalas

Ages: 16 and up

Mandala is a 2300-years-old Sanskrit word that translates to "circle" or "sacred center." Circular patterns have been used throughout time in many cultures, including Tibetan and Native American, as tools for centering and healing. In this workshop we create three personal mandalas using collage techniques, ink, and watercolor pencils and stencils. Your embellishments [buttons feather, shells, etc.] can enhance the finished mandalas. This should be a time to let go, play with color & design, and have fun. Supplies listed on registration receipt. Instructor: Ellen Miffitt

Sa      Dec 8        9 AM-1 PM          $29       #6291